Sunday, February 23, 2020

Bruriah basketball A and B teams had a rocky midweek, but the Lightning ended the week on a high note with a home win against Kushner Saturday night. Both Lightning teams took to the road, A at SAR looking to even the score for its loss in OT the previous week, and B to its inter-state rival SKA.

Playing shorthanded at the post, Bruriah A (2-2) had a textbook 1st quarter at SAR and led after 1. SAR took the 2nd quarter. With an 18-14 lead going into the 3rd, SAR never looked back. Things got messy when captain and senior point guard Nikki Bick (Edison) caught an elbow to the nose and had to be tended to most of the 3rd. Still, she returned to the game for the 4th quarter. All of Bruriah’s players, including Mikayla Elk (East Brunswick), Chaya Levin (Teaneck), and Julia Landau (Monsey), saw action.

Bruriah A rebounded from the SAR game with a 69-36 victory against Kushner. Nikki Bick, Michal Hyman (senior, captain, Teaneck), and Dani Berlin (junior, Edison) helped Bruriah jump out to a 46-19 halftime lead. Ally Orgel (junior, Edison), Tovah Weiskopf (sophomore, Teaneck), Shira Allen (junior, Edison), and Nechama Maryles (sophomore, Staten Island) led the defense.

Bruriah B (3-1) and SKA were tied 8-8 at the end of 1. SKA pulled ahead in the 2nd to take a 20-14 lead into the locker room at the half. The lead swelled to 12, but then Bruriah closed the gap before SKA pulled away for a 38-29 win. Captains Avigayil Wiener (senior, Teaneck) and Shayna Schwartz (junior, Staten Island) and freshman Talya Markowitz led Bruraih’s offense. Shayna Rosenzweig (junior, Hillside) and Ilana Markowitz (sophomore, Bergenfield) led Bruriah’s defense.

By Susan Rifkin