Friday, February 28, 2020

The 2014 fall season of the Bergen County AIFLAG football league came to an exhilarating end this past Sunday in Overpeck Park with champions crowned in each division. The division champs were as follows:

K-1st grade: JETS

2-3rd grade: BRONCOS

4-5th grade: 49ERS

6-8th grade: 49ERS

In perhaps the most anticipated game of the day, the 6-8th grade division 49ers faced off against the highly touted Eagles, the only team to beat the 49ers in the regular season. Led by the flawless execution of Seth Silverman at QB, the 49ers utilized all of their offensive weapons and rode several well executed trick plays to victory. Yair Konigsberg was voted the game MVP by his teammates for his outstanding performance on both sides of the field. His five touchdowns were dazzling to watch! It was a remarkable team effort and everyone contributed. No question that this team were the champs when the clock ran out with their resounding 41-25 victory!

By Ken Goffstein