Friday, April 20, 2018


Israel Honors the Fallen on Yom Hazikaron

(JNS) Memorial sirens sounded at 11 a.m. in Israel on Yom Hazikaron to honor the memories of 23,646 Israeli soldiers, police and security officers and 3,134 terror victims who have fallen since the beginning of Israel’s history.

The number is tallied since 1860, when the first Jewish neighborhood was

Bomb Found at Border Crossing Foils Yom Ha’atzmaut Terror Plot

(Arutz Sheva) Security inspectors on Wednesday located an explosive device in a PA Arab truck at the Reihan crossing, west of Jenin. The powerful explosive device was hidden in the roof of the truck. The truck had merchandise intended for Jewish communities in the seam zone. Police sappers are now working to neutralize the threat near the

Bracing for Iranian Counterstrike, Israel Exposes Iran’s Air Defenses in Syria

(Israel Hayom/JNS) The Israel Defense Forces recently revealed new information about the deployment of Iranian air defenses in Syria, further exposing Tehran’s attempts to entrench itself militarily in the war-torn country.

Tensions between Israel and Iran have been steadily escalating since an Iranian

Hamas Says It’s Prepared to Negotiate Prisoner Swap With Israel

(Yona Schnitzer/TPS) Hamas is prepared to negotiate a prisoner swap with Israel through a third party, the head of its political wing, Ismail Haniyeh, said this week in a speech given to mark Palestinian Prisoners’ Day.

“We in Hamas are ready to start negotiations to achieve a deal through a

To Celebrate Israel’s 70th Year, Adelsons Donate $70 Million to Birthright Program

(JNS) On the eve of Israel’s 70th anniversary, Dr. Miriam and Sheldon Adelson surprised the audience at the 18th annual Birthright Israel gala by announcing a $70 million donation to the project.

The Birthright Israel project, also known as Taglit in Hebrew, brings Jewish youths from around the world

Syrian State Media Claims It Shot Down Missile Attack on Bases; US Denies Involvement

(JNS) Syrian state media reported that it had shot down a missile attack on two of its bases earlier this week. One of those bases was targeted by American forces last year following a chemical-weapons attack by Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces in Khan Shaykhun. The United States, however, has denied any involvement.

Although the Israel Defense Forces

Police to Close 340,000 Files in 70th Anniversary Amnesty

(TPS) Police will close 340,000 criminal files in honor of Israel’s 70th Independence Day, Police Chief Roni Alshiekh announced.

In a media statement ahead of the move, Alsheikh said “one of the reforms [we are trying to implement] is to make a clear distinction between normative citizens and

Forty UN Ambassadors Tour Israel, Meet Pols During 70th Anniversary Celebrations

(JNS) Forty ambassadors to the United Nations, representing a quarter of the countries with diplomatic ties to Israel, are visiting the Jewish state this week as the country celebrates its 70th anniversary.

Organized by the American Zionist Movement, the delegation of diplomats hail from Africa,

Israel Police Award Civilian Who Prevented Terror Attack

(JNS) An Israeli civilian who shot a terrorist attempting to stab Jews was awarded a certificate of appreciation by the Israeli Police Department last week.

Ofek Kaufman, a professional dog-trainer from the town of Alon in Samaria, was driving with his wife and 5-month-old son when he noticed an ultra-Orthodox man running toward his car, being chased by someone

Report: IDF Official Confirms Israel Struck Iranian Base in Syria

An Israeli defense official confirmed that it was the Israeli Air Force that struck the T4 air base in Homs, Syria, last week, the New York Times reported Monday.

New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman quoted an unnamed Israeli official as saying, “It was the first time we attacked live

Aliza Ochs Is Learning and Growing at Michlala

Aliza Ochs is studying at Michlala Yerushalayim in the Bayit Vagan neighborhood of Jerusalem. She grew up in Passaic, attended Yeshivas Beis Hillel for elementary school, and Bruriah for high school. In the past, Aliza worked at Camp Sternberg as kitchen staff and as a counselor, and, more recently, she attended Camp

TeAMS Introduces Affiliate Beit Midrash Program for Observant Medical Students

(Courtesy of TeAMS) The Technion’s American Medical School (TeAMS) announces the launch of an affiliate medical beit medrash program, Beit Medrash Govoha for Medical Professionals.

The beit medrash program is under the distinguished rabbinical leadership of Rabbi Asher Weiss, shlit”a, a renowned