Saturday, October 21, 2017

Students at Yeshivat AMIT Amichai Rehovot were selected to participate in the flagship project of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Space, in collaboration with Israel Aerospace Industries and the Tasiida Organization. The program will teach students about space systems in general and how to detect the presence of substances in the soil with the help of satellite images. Students will be able to help prepare the launch of the satellite Venus in the summer of 2017 by the Israel Space Agency and the French Space Agency. With the knowledge acquired in this program, students can propose satellite experiments, such as experiments to improve the environment and agriculture in Israel. The program will offer students the opportunity to meet industry executives, take field trips and analyze satellite images. They may even be invited to watch the launch! Students will meet with an astronaut from abroad and learn about his experiences of space exploration. The students selected for this program are part of a science excellence program at AMIT Amichai. Last year they participated in a unique research program in cooperation with Elbit, and now they have been invited by Tasiida and the Space Agency to participate and help contribute to Israeli space research.