Wednesday, December 19, 2018

(Courtesy of Bar-Ilan University) The Lookstein Center for Jewish Education of Bar-Ilan University, in collaboration with The AVI CHAI Foundation, is launching a new educational project to celebrate Israel’s upcoming 70th anniversary.

Educational challenges will be emailed daily to all individuals and schools that sign up, 70 tasks in total. These games will be accessible online for the duration of the celebrations and beyond.

The 70 five-minute challenges about Israel, offered in four grade levels, will be in the form of puzzles, quizzes, memory games, word search, fill-in-the-blank, riddles and other styles. Schools and individuals will be able to compete with others worldwide and win points.

Some quizzes will be in the form of true or false. For example, younger students will be asked if it’s true or false that Arabic is an official language in Israel, Sunday is a working day in Israel, Be’er Sheva has Israel’s largest beach, Druze Arabs serve in Israel’s army, and most of Israel is desert. Older students will be asked if it’s true or false that Jerusalem is Israel’s most populated city; Israel’s Declaration of Independence was announced in Jerusalem; a Jewish-American was Israel’s first army general; Israel is bigger than New Jersey and more.

“This is a great, fun, educational way to engage children and teens worldwide in the upcoming Yom Ha’atzmaut celebrations,” said Rabbi Yonah Fuld, Lookstein’s educational director. Adds Moshe Abelesz, “These 70 challenges for 70 days are a great way to involve kids, teachers, principals and parents in a way that is not too time consuming, and it is free.”

Schools and individuals can learn more and/or sign up at any stage of the challenge, at http://bit.ly/LooksteinCenter_countdownTo70. The project will officially launch on February 25.

For further information about The Lookstein Center, see www.lookstein.org or contact The Lookstein Center at [email protected].