Monday, March 25, 2019

The Education Ministry selected AMIT Ginsburg Bar Ilan Gush Dan Junior and Senior High School for Boys as the leading school in the country for scientific and technological studies for 2017. AMIT Ginsburg Bar Ilan has the highest percentage of graduates completing their bagrut (matriculation exam) at the highest level (five units) in math and 10 units in technological subjects.

The school ranked number one out of the 280 schools that take part in Atuda, the Scientific and Technological Leadership Reserve, a prestigious excellence program aimed at increasing the number of students who complete five units of study in math, five units in technology subjects and five units in natural sciences (physics, chemistry and biology). The specialized track exposes students to advanced issues in science and technology and paves their way to future leadership.

Principal Tomer Shuper accepted an award on behalf of the school at a special ceremony held at the Bloomfield Science Museum in Jerusalem on Sunday, February 18. The award was bestowed by Dr. Ofer Rimon, who is responsible for IT policy planning and implementation at the Ministry of Education, and Yigal Dor, director of the scientific reserve program at the ministry’s Administration for Science and Technology.

“We push our students toward excellence and self-fulfillment in every field, and we believe in developing advanced technological skills, which help our students excel not just personally, but also in terms of what they contribute to the state,” said Shuper.

Dr. Amnon Eldar, AMIT’s director general, praised the school and Shuper. He said that the AMIT network places great emphasis on empowering students toward excellence, and on encouraging them to achieve outstanding accomplishments in the fields of technology and cyber.

AMIT was named the leading educational network in Israel by the Ministry of Education.