Saturday, March 28, 2020


Iran, Syria: Smuggling Weapons To Gain Influence In The West Bank (Republished with permission of Stratfor. Visit www.stratfor.com)

(www.Stratfor.com)—In the past several days, Jordanian authorities have reported two separate incidents in which groups of smugglers traveling from Syria have been caught with weapons and drugs in Jordan. A Jordanian security official speaking anonymously to local media said that five Syrian smugglers were caught the morning of Aug. 6 with anti-tank

Oh Camp HASC, Our Son’s Summer Home!

We know what people will think when they see this: “What a shameless plug for HASC!”

And they will be right.

But no one at HASC asked us to write it. This column is just one small way to say thank you and give back just a little of what we feel we oweHASC - because of what they did forus and our son, Zev, this summer.

A few days

New Assistant Principal at Moriah

Englewood—Over the past eight years the Moriah School has made great strides in fostering increased levels of social and ethical sensitivity among its students, using its Brit Midot, Covenant of Ethics, as the guideline for the school’s standards and expectations of menschlich behavior. As Moriah’s principal, Dr. Elliot Prager, told the JLBC,  “No

Force-Feeding Peace

Much to the chagrin of the international community, Middle East peace has remained elusive. Many well-respected diplomats have tried their hand at facilitating peace between Israel and the Palestinians, but none have succeeded.

Secretary of State John Kerry is the latest diplomatic official to take the plunge and attempt to tackle this

A Light Unto The Nations?

I need you to understand why I am writing this and why so many of my colleagues are feeling the same emotions.

“I am dizzy. I feel pained, depressed, reeling and distraught.” And those aren’t even my words—they are what a colleague wrote me soon after the news broke.

Willie Rapfogel was fired from his long time position as CEO of the

Poland Shechita Ban Update

Warsaw—The Jerusalem Post reports that Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski recently met with a group of European rabbis and told them that “the Polish government is determined to find a solution that would restore schechita in Poland  “despite a ban on such slaughter that came into effect in January.

The delegation from the

A Message To Our Community From Rabbis Adler and Krohn

In the last issue of JLBC, we interviewed Rabbi Michael Schudrich in Warsaw about the schechita ban in Poland. This is a complicated issue involving Muslims, Jews, Polish agribusiness and hundreds of millions of dollars a year. At this time, schechita has been stopped while the issue is on appeal to the constitutional tribunal in Poland, on the grounds of freedom

Iran Enhancing Naval Base in Port Sudan

Iran Enhancing Naval Base
in Port Sudan

(INEGMA)—In 2008, Iran and Sudan signed a military cooperation agreement and in May 2013 the pace and scope of the construction of Iranian naval and logistical bases in Port Sudan were enhanced remarkably. Sudan has become an extension of Iran’s proxy war against Israel, allowing Iran to use Sudanese

Jewish Home Bringing A Taste Of The Holidays To Local Homebound Seniors

The High Holy Days are a time for prayer and reflection, and for family gatherings. For many Jews, Rosh Hashanah dinners with other family members are a much-anticipated part of the holiday experience.

Sadly, this pleasure is not always available to everyone. Homebound elderly Jews without relatives in their immediate vicinity can find themselves in depressing

Cory Booker, Steve Lonegan Win U.S. Senate Primaries

Newark Mayor Cory Booker aced the primary in the race for the Democratic nomination to take over  the late Senator Frank Lautenberg’s U.S Senate seat:  Booker is more than a local mayor. He is a national celebrity, hob nobs with the likes of Oprah, does The Daily Show and Stephen Colbert, and his polling numbers were through the roof. Though Frank Pallone, Rush

A Selichot Experience At The Water’s Edge

Teaneck—For the first time in its history, the Jewish Center of Teaneck, 70 Sterling Place, will hold Selichot services, the penitential prayers recited in preparation for the High Holy Days, outside of the synagogue. On Saturday night, August 31, an all-white, end of the Hebrew month of Elul, end of the summer celebration of religious renewal will take place in the

Rep. Bill Pascrell Invites the Editors

Paterson—Editors of several small area newspapers met with Rep. Bill Pascrell of the 37th Congressional District, a district that was re-zoned for last year’s congressional elections and now includes southern Bergen County, including parts of Teaneck and Englewood. About two dozen editors and reporters participated, most from the area’s smaller weekly