Sunday, August 25, 2019


Hebron Ranked as One of the Top 10 Must-See Attractions in Israel

(Courtesy of The Hebron Fund) Congratulations to the holy city of Hebron for reaching 700,000 visitors last year. In a recent Jerusalem Post article, Hebron ranked as one of the 10 must-see attractions in Israel. Aside from the Me’arat Hamachpela, the burial site of Abraham and Sarah, there’s actually a lot of attractions for

Filling Israel’s Employment Gap

Within the arid deserts of the Middle East, Israel has managed to flourish as a start up nation. Throughout the land, the ubiquity of entrepreneurship has allowed for countless companies to emerge with innovations in practically any field. There is no doubt that Israel can be at the forefront of a new technologically advanced age;

Telling the Stories of Israel’s Fallen

The State of Israel was given to the Jewish people, according to a well-known Hebrew poem, on a “silver platter.” The silver platter refers to the thousands who were killed in Israel’s struggle for independence. In the decades since, many more have joined their number as the country’s enemies continue to wage war and

Kipa Bots in Modi’in Bring Home Trophy

(Courtesy of AMIT) Even though they decided not to compete on Saturday, members of AMIT boys’ young robot team from Mr. & Mrs. Lester Sutker Art and Sciences Jr. and Sr. High School picked up the Australian International Cup.

The Kipa Bots, the young robotics team of the AMIT Boys

IDF Finds 18th Terror Tunnel

(JNS) While building an underground security barrier, IDF troops identified another tunnel under the Israel-Gaza border. It was found by the participants of a $700 million project aimed at preventing illicit tunnel constructions. On Twitter, the IDF shared their 18th tunnel finding, saying that the “IDF troops just revealed an underground

Accidental Homicide Sparks Ethiopian Riots

(JNS) On July 1, Ethiopian-Israeli Solomon Tekah was shot and killed by an off-duty police officer in Kiryat Haim. Upon hearing the news, over a thousand Ethiopian Jews began to protest on grounds of racial injustice; after the victim’s funeral, the protests morphed into violent

Lauder Highlights Low Votes for Greek Neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party

(JNS) World Jewish Congress president Ronald S. Lauder has affirmed that the far-right neo-Nazi Golden Dawn Party “is over.” The Greek party could not even make it to the electoral threshold, a clear sign that Greek citizens are fed up with ultranationalist extremism. The president has

Iranian Ayatollah Assumes an Aggressive Military Position

(JNS) Last Friday, the Iranian Ayatollah Movahedi-Kermani addressed Iran in a speech regarding the country’s use of uranium. Claiming to have exceeded their uranium enrichment limit, the Ayatollah said he would enrich uranium “in any form, level or amount that is necessary” purely

Never Again Education Act Proposed With Bipartisan Support

(JNS) There has been bipartisan support from senators to pass the Never Again Education Act, a legislation designed to grant schools the needed training and resources to teach students about the Holocaust. Headed by Senator Marco Rubio, he claims that the act would enable students to “learn about the historical fact that Nazi Germany

Intense Search Mounted for Norfolk Rabbi Swept Out to Sea While Saving Student

(Yeshiva World News and combined sources) As of Wednesday midday, YWN sources on the ground reported there are U.S. Coast Guard cutters in the water continuing the search for Rabbi Reuven Bauman. Rabbi Reuven Tzvi ben Esther Baila Bauman went missing in the waters at a Virginia beach on Tuesday. Rabbi

The Real Cost of Israel’s ‘Do-Over’ Elections in September

While many in Israel bemoan the financial burden of the new elections this fall, the major cost to the country will likely lie in other realms.

Israel’s 21st Knesset voted to disperse itself on May 30, just one month after its inauguration. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu failed to

More Than Summer Fun: The ALEH Swimming Pool Helps Israelis Learn to Walk

As the summer heats up, families around the world are taking refuge in the cool, relaxing waters of their local pools. In addition to providing a fun and healthy way to beat the heat, pool time also serves as an outlet for children to release their pent-up energy following the long school year and creates