Saturday, September 22, 2018


Bar-Ilan University Labs Abuzz With U.S. Undergrads Conducting Research

(Courtesy of AFBIU) Implementing a new laser-based imaging system to monitor structural health in buildings and bridges. Studying facial recognition and memory utilizing event-related potential (ERP) machinery to analyze the impact of different factors on facial-recall processes. Examining clinical language assessments collected in

Special in Uniform Salutes IDF While Netanyahu Salutes Special in Uniform

(Courtesy of Special in Uniform) Thirty young men with physical disabilities who had just completed their induction ceremony recently arranged a heartwarming ceremony called Salute the IDF in honor of Israel Defense Forces’ 70th anniversary. The soldiers are incorporated into the military in the

Trump on Sanctions: I Am Asking for World Peace, Nothing Less

(Arutz Sheva) US President Donald Trump said this week that his goal in sanctioning Iran is world peace.

“The Iran sanctions have officially been cast,” he tweeted. “These are the most biting sanctions ever imposed, and in November they ratchet up to yet another level.”

Report Suggests That Trump’s Mideast Team Seeks an end to Palestinian ‘Refugee’ Status

(JNS) U.S. President Donald Trump’s Middle East policy team’s effort to shutter the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) may include efforts to clarify that millions of Palestinians are not refugees, according to a report.

The report quoted a Palestinian leader who said that Kushner and

NYT Report: Israel Was Behind Syrian Scientist’s Assassination

(Israel Hayom) Israel was behind the assassination last weekend of Syrian rocket scientist Aziz Azbar, according to a senior official from a Middle Eastern intelligence agency quoted in The New York Times earlier this week.

Azbar, who headed the Scientific Research and Studies Center in Masyaf, in

Israel’s Air Force Appoints First Female Pilot to Command a Flight Squadron

(JNS) The Israel Air Force has appointed its first female pilot to command a flight squadron. The pilot, Major G (full name withheld for security reasons), will be promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel in the Nachshon Squadron, which operates surveillance aircraft.

“I’m happy about the

IDF Beefs Up Security in Gaza Belt in Anticipation of Hamas Attack

(TPS) The IDF amplified its security in the Gaza Belt region, dispatching forces and blocking major roads in anticipation of a possible Hamas attack after the terror group vowed to avenge the killing of two of the organization’s snipers during an IDF attack this week.

IDF tanks shelled a guardpost after mistaking a training exercise for aggression directed

Rappers Tyga and Fat Joe Cause Cancellation of Entire Music Festival in Israel, Citing ‘Security Situation’

(JNS) American celebrity rappers Fat Joe and Tyga, who were slated to headline the Shaka music festival in Rishon Lezion, canceled suddenly this week, citing the “security situation.”

The pair were set to be joined by a lineup of Israeli hip hop artists. The sudden loss of the two top performers led

Fire Kites Sting Negev Honey Farms Just Before Rosh Hashanah

In addition to the bees themselves being scorched by aerial attacks of flammable kites and balloons launched from Gaza, when the fields are burned, any remaining bees cannot produce honey because there are no flowers on which to graze.

When you drive into Israel’s Sha’ar HaNegev Region in

US Senate Votes to Lock In Aid to Israel, Regardless of Administration

The U.S. Senate has passed the U.S.-Israel Security Assistance Authorization Act of 2018, a bipartisan piece of legislation that authorizes U.S. security assistance to Israel for 10 years, regardless of which administration happens to be in power.

Last week, the Senate voted in favor of the $38

IDF Strikes 12 Hamas Sites in Gaza After Rockets Fired on Southern Israel

The Israel Defense Forces hit 12 Hamas positions across the Gaza Strip, including a factory that produces concrete for terror tunnels, late Wednesday night after several dozen rockets were fired on southern Israel by the Hamas terror group.

Rockets set off sirens across southern Israel Wednesday evening

International Jewish Educators Unite to Develop Israel Studies

(Courtesy of AMIT) Jewish educators from around the world recently took a weeklong trip to Israel, where they met with colleagues from the AMIT network and began developing an Israel studies curriculum to be taught in their schools. Launched by the LaHaV program in Los Angeles together with AMIT, the initiative is the